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About Us

Levias Mechanics Engineering Co. has been a leading technology provider since 2009. Our main strength is to constantly develop new technologies and use them to create solutions that will provide competitive advantage to our customers. By combining our knowledge on technology platforms such as bearings and equipment, seals, mechatronic equipment, service and lubrication systems, we share our hands-on experience and knowledge in more than 40 industries. Our success is based on this information, our employees and our commitment to Levias engineering principles.

When choosing the most suitable product for your equipment, Levias Engineering always designs for maximum performance. For this reason, we have been working hard to achieve the best performance of our customers' equipment for more than 10 years. Our experienced team is leading the industry in the design, installation and service of automatic lubrication systems. We also provide the latest lubrication and filtration equipment for many industries and the most suitable lubricant for your needs. If you want advanced lubrication solutions for higher production and unmatched service, contact Levias Engineering. We can provide many services such as bearing selection, choosing the right lubricant and right lubrication system, laser shaft alignment, belt alignment and vibration analysis and training, increasing machine reliability and safety.

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Electric Pumps

Electric motor pump groups working with 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V and 380V.

Air Pumps

There are air pumps specially produced for all kinds of applications.

Manual Pumps

Practical solutions for convenient and practical products.

Rechargeable Pumps

Your pump will always be with you.


It provides distribution in desired amounts from one center to multiple points.


It provides different amounts of distribution to different points desired in a single center.

System Components

Parts that complete the lubrication system.

Circulation Lubrication Systems

Thanks to liquid oil circulation systems, your equipment reliability will be at the highest level.

Open Gear Lubrication Systems

Secure your investments, business and production efficiency with Whitmore open gear oils.


Whitmore greases are designed for the toughest and unfavorable conditions.

Nefes (Breath)

By controlling all contamination of the fluid system, it increases productivity.

Oil Safe© System

Oil Safe® products help you with the storage and distribution of oils in your company